Our Branches

In 2011, the Central Plains Chapter adopted a branch structure, and created the Kansas City and Wichita Branches.

The Branches are an integral component of the Central Plains Chapter, with each Branch's leadership and members volunteering to provide engagement and educational opportunities in their local area.

As unincorporated volunteer groups within the Chapter, they are supported by Chapter staff, and follow policies set by the Chapter Board of Directors. The Chapter is the legal corporate entity, fiduciary, and umbrella organization responsible for all Chapter members and all Branch activities, finances, and advocacy efforts.

Chapter/Branch Membership:

Membership in the Chapter is required to qualify for Chapter benefits such as discounted program pricing. There is no separate Branch membership structure or fee.

Dues-paying Chapter members may participate and become involved in leadership or attend the events of any Branch within the Chapter regardless of place of work or residence.

The Purpose of Branches:

Connect – To provide local contacts and forums to those interested in joining the Central Plains Chapter specifically or the movement generally

Feedback – To provide local knowledge and feedback on educational needs within the community

Lead – To provide local leadership and advocacy on green building issues and to be the voice of the Central Plains Chapter in a specific community

Educate – To create specific programming and outreach efforts needed within that specific community not already addressed by the Chapter

Coordinate – Work with Chapter staff to identify Branch training needs, venue opportunities, sponsorship, volunteer and logistical support

Enlist – To serve as a recruitment mechanism for the green building industry generally and the Central Plains Chapter specifically

Contribute – To speak, write, publish and share ideas and innovations with others within the Branches and within the organization

Fundraise – To spread goodwill and to fundraise for the organization through branch channels

Serve – To give time supporting the mission of the organization and volunteering and to support the Central Plains Chapter’s staff and Board, when possible

Voice – To champion and raise awareness of local and regional environmental and green building issues

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